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Indoff Incorporated
"Indoff, a fast growing national sales company based in St. Louis, MO., operates with a lean IT staff, and occasionally looks to their vendors for assistance with IT projects. The first opportunity for ECG's help involved a Checkpoint Firewall upgrade. One of their top Network Security engineers came in on a Saturday to help with the 4-hour upgrade. It went flawlessly. I was so impressed that when other projects arose that required outside assistance, I looked to ECG first. Just last year, we started a major project that required C++, java and perl programmer assistance. ECG sent a seasoned veteran with many credentials and a rich history of successful projects. Again, we were very impressed. We kept him for the better part of a year and his insights and knowledge were second to none. Previously, Indoff had grown tired of having taking on consultants, only to find out that they were learning more from us than we were from them. With ECG, it has been just the opposite, which is the way it should be. We will always look to ECG, whether it is to augment our internal IT skill-sets or to actually purchase the technology. At Indoff, we are comfortable knowing that whatever the need, ECG will always deliver top quality at an excellent price. After 5 years, I have never been disappointed. "

-Shawn Faulkingham, Director of IT Systems, Indoff Incorporated

This partnership with Indoff Incorporated is just another example of how St. Louis corporations trust their IT Infrastructure to the Enterprise Consulting Group.

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